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Anabaptist Business Owners
Jeremy Sensenig
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About 8 years ago, my family and I had returned from the mission field. We had served in a relationally demanding environment for nearly ten years. I was sort of burned out with people and problems. In a way it was refreshing to work a regular job and not have to deal with the challenges of interpersonal relationships. However, in that environment, I shifted into coast mode personally, and began to stagnate. As I got involved in business and organizational endeavors, the need for personal development and motivation became more obvious. A friend of mine invited me to join a business peer group network of which he was a part. Yet I was so busy, I did not really think that I had time to read the books or do the meetings. I had a lot of excuses why I could not join. We had a family chicken farm, a small family business, I was involved in several nonprofits in various ways, we were building a house, and I had just been ordained as a minister. I really did not have time for this stuff… I thought. But my family saw positive results even after only a few meetings. They told me that they really thought I should keep going. I'm so glad I took their advice. Through my Symbiz Network Growth Ring, I have built friendships, been developed as a person, and had business opportunities. I am growing in my ability to manage and prioritize my time. I've become more effective in caring for and leading those people in the organizations with whom I'm involved, and at my home church as well.

Still Wondering If It Is Worth The Investment?

Investing in Symbiz peer groups is a decision that promises substantial personal and professional growth. These peer groups, aptly named “Growth Rings,” are designed to foster genuine friendships within an intimate setting. The structured environment encourages members to be vulnerable and accountable, creating a supportive atmosphere that nurtures personal development.