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Over the years Matt Byler read stories about men that he admired, men like C. S. Lewis, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. It was stated how they were propelled forward in a big way in their business endeavors by the mastermind groups [networking groups] they were a part of. By meeting and interacting with other like-minded men, they accomplished more than they ever could have on their own. This sounded very appealing to Matt.

Matt mentioned his discovery on a podcast and was contacted by several men who had similar interests. They decided to begin meeting together. Although it was worthwhile from the start, it became much more meaningful over time as the group got to know each other better.

Occasionally an outside speaker would be brought in to give a talk to the group. One speaker asked what the name of their group was. They had not had a name until then, but they decided to give it a name for him.

Anabaptist Business Owners

Elevate Your Business Through Symbiotic Relationships and Peer Support

Symbiz is a community of like-minded professionals committed to symbiotic business relationships and personal growth. By joining Symbiz, you’ll elevate your business through meaningful connections and peer support. Our small, close-knit groups foster deep relationships and collective success. Start your own Growth Group under the Symbiz umbrella and experience the transformative benefits of a powerful network. Join Symbiz today and be part of a thriving, supportive community!

Building Symbiz: Expanding Symbiotic Business Networks

After some discussion, they settled on Symbiz, because as a group they were enthusiastic about symbiotic business relationships. Everyone that their businesses touch is made better by the experience, whether families, employees, customers, or vendors.

As time went by others heard about the Symbiz group and wanted to join. Since the success of the group is influenced by the small size there was hesitancy in admitting new members. However, they did want others to experience the same elevation and benefits of belonging to a networking group like theirs. The solution was to build a framework to make it easier for others to start a small networking group under the same umbrella.

The goal is to have a large network of like-minded individuals who get to mature in the growth rich environment of a small group, but also network outside of the home group. A truly symbiotic relationship if you will.

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