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Why Join?

Feeling Short on Time?

Time pressure can leave you feeling stressed, harried, and worn out. It can even give you mental gridlock. Your productivity starts dropping, making the problem worse. If unchecked, a downward spiral creates all sorts of problems.

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Proper Priorities Restore Margin

Symbiz NetworkTM provides tools to help you prioritize properly and support to help you follow through. Now you can begin an upward spiral to freedom from time pressure.

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Uncertain in Business Decisions?

Have you ever felt stuck trying to make decisions? As business leaders we often face challenges we never faced before. Have you felt insufficient, weary, or fearful? Weak or cowardly decisions impede healthy progress or may even suffocate your business.

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The Answer Is in the Room

It’s fascinating how difficult challenges can be reduced to simple solutions when a group of leaders have an open and honest discussion about the real issue. Symbiz NetworkTM provides connections and resources for training on many aspects of business and on living a balanced life as a leader.

Do You Feel Alone?

Really. Think about it. Loneliness is a common reality among Anabaptist business leaders. Do you have an “inner circle” with whom it is safe to share your deepest fears, questions, and dreams? Loneliness keeps us from investing our God-given talents to their best potential.

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Develop Empowering Connections

Symbiz peer groups help form genuine friendships within a small group. Being vulnerable and accountable with others will strengthen you. Your peers will help you grow into a better person. That’s why we have given the name “Growth Ring” to Symbiz NetworkTM peer groups.

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Still Wondering If It Is Worth The Investment?

Investing in Symbiz peer groups is a decision that promises substantial personal and professional growth. These peer groups, aptly named “Growth Rings,” are designed to foster genuine friendships within an intimate setting. The structured environment encourages members to be vulnerable and accountable, creating a supportive atmosphere that nurtures personal development.